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Transpire will rename all the files in the specified directory and specified subdirectories so that filenames containing cyrillic letters are changed to the filenames with latin letters only. I.e. file 'мойфаил.mp3' will be renamed to 'mojfail.mp3'
It will also convert the id3 (ver 1) tags on mp3 files.


Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
I have no possibilities to test this program under
This program will not work with Windows 95, 98 or ME (I am not sure about that, so if you try and it runs there, let me know please)


If you want to rename files in a subdirectory make sure that there are no cyryllic letters in path.
I.e. if you have the following directory structure:
"c:\my documents\моифаилы\чтото\" you have to choose directory "c:\my documents" for conversion, not "c:\my documents\моифаилы"
Not all the files might be converted correctly, therefore you should backup the directory you are trying to rename.

Author's Responsibility

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